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KULTURZONE – A Brief Description


The Idea

Everyone is surrounded by a zone that he or she can more or less influence. “KULTURZONE” is the name we have given to the zone that has grown out of our cooperative ambitions and activities. Assuming that there is a single, borderless mental sphere, it is clear that our KULTURZONE is the product of its inhabitants. We founded this association in order to provide our ideas with a legal and operational structure, and to recruit new inhabitants. Aside from the obligations detailed in Paragraph 5 of our association’s statutes, we don’t expect our members to merely provide the association with financial support, but rather to contribute their personal talents and abilities in some form at some point. This could be in the form of project development, participation in working groups or the like.

Our main areas of action are: culture, art, education, social and world peace.

The Association

KULTURZONE Inc. is a non-profit association that sees itself as carrier, partner, platform and network operator.
KULTURZONE focuses on project realisation, cooperation with other associations and organisations (or simply with people, of course), facilitating the exchange of and access to information, as well as the sustainable networking of its participants. The association is interdisciplinary and intercultural, and not limited by political or religious orientation. The realisation of the association’s goals always has top priority.


KULTURZONE develops and supports a wide variety of projects in accordance with its statutes. Project ideas are always welcome.


KULTURZONE thrives on cooperation and communication. We welcome those who wish to participate constructively, whether in our projects or as members of the association.


Become a member and provide KULTURZONE with long-term support! You can join the association as an active member or as a sponsor. According to the current contribution regulations, the annual fee for active members is 60 Euros (the reduced rate is 12 Euros) and sponsor membership requires a minimum contribution of 100 Euros.

KULTURZONE Writing Contest

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