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We are looking for international partners to help implement the KULTURZONE writing contest.

KULTURZONE’s aim is to support culture, art, education, social projects and world peace.
We attempt to reach these goals by way of interdisciplinary and intercultural cooperation between people of various social and national origins with different areas of specialisation.
The organisation’s annual writing contest is carried out with these goals in mind. In 2007 the writing contest “Doresitto Instruction Manual” was held in German and is now to be carried out in other languages. This competition encourages people from around the world, whether young or old, male or female, to write down the directions of use for a piece of equipment (machine, tool or instrument) of their choice. In pursuit of an answer to the question “How can an object be changed by speech?”, we are looking for partners to carry out our writing contest in their own languages.

The contest description is as follows:

KULTURZONE Writing Contest

For this year’s writing contest, we are looking for the most convincing instruction manual for a Doresitto. You can do many wonderful things with a Doresitto. Write down what a Doresitto can do, how it works and what to be aware of.
Those who already have a Doresitto are probably very happy to finally have an instruction manual (picture). A copy of it is also sufficient, of course!
Everyone who can write, or find someone to write on their behalf, is allowed to participate. Great prizes can be won – maybe even a Doresitto!!
So write the instruction manual and send it to the contact address by ___DATE___.
An independent jury will determine the winner.
The most impressive contributions will be published at a later date.
Have fun writing and good luck for the contest. Best wishes,

_____Name ______(project leader).
We would greatly appreciate high levels of participation.

Here is a info over the first KULTURZONE writing contest, which dealt with “The Legend of the Healing Stone”.

The 2006 writing contest called on people to invent a legend about a rock referred to as the healing stone by those living in and around Randowtal.
Hiking to the stone is healthy, even if it doesn’t manage to heal you. Signs to mark the way are planned. In the meantime, directions to the stone are available in KULTURZONE’s office in Grenz.
Back to the writing contest. Participants had from July 8th to August 15th, 2006 to write down their ideas. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for their contributions. An independent jury then selected the winners. The prize is a picnic at the healing stone. And now – drum roll – the best legends of the healing stone (in German only):\forum.htm

We look forward to working together and new interesting experiences in the use of the Doresitto.

With best regards,
(the board)


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